Gli sviluppatori di Playground Games hanno da poco annunciato che Forza Horizon 4 vedrà l’arrivo dell’update 5 per il 15 gennaio, il quale introdurrà alcune novità all’interno del gioco automobilistico a mondo aperto.

In particolare, l’aggiornamento introdurrà una nuova Avventura online chiamata Tutti Contro Tutti, in cui i giocatori competeranno individualmente in questo nuovo modo di giocare alle avventure online. Questa nuova funzionalità sarà disponibile sia per le modalità classificate che per quelle non classificate.

Ovviamente non mancano all’appello le solite risoluzioni di bug e tanto altro ancora. Infine, segnaliamo che gli sviluppatori effettueranno delle live reveal dell’update 5 lunedì 14 gennaio alle ore 19:00 italiane, tramite i loro canali di streaming e social.

Riportiamo qui sotto l’intero changelog della patch in questione.

New Features
Free-For-All Adventure

This update adds a brand-new way to play Online Adventure, where players compete individually. Available in both Ranked and Unranked modes, this new game mode can be found in the Online Adventure tab, replacing “Anything Goes”.

Cross Platform fixes
Added Racing Series, Creator and Title filters to Event Blueprint searching.
Added the ability to view all the eligible cars for a Trial or Seasonal Championship.
Resolved issue where Drivatar names could be duplicated in events.
Fixed issue where a certain tune on the Forza Edition Caterham would cause graphical issues.
Fixed a bug where changing units to metric caused issues with the route length indicator during route creation.
Fixed an issue where turning off rewind in difficulty menu would prevent users from being able to rewind during route creation.
Fixed an issue where disabling car lights would not also disable the reverse lights.
Fixed an issue where flipped or snapped elements on an imported livery would unflip if ungrouped.
Fixed visual issues caused by Santa outfit and Reindeer nose.
Prevented damage being applied to player car when restarting British Racing Green: Chapter 10.
Improved visibility of Street Race event finish lines.
Fixed issue where downloading your own design via Creative Hub or the curated designs menu would not allow you to edit it.
Fixed an issue where leaving and rejoining a convoy during a #Forzathon Live event would allow users to collide with each other when they shouldn’t.
Fixed an issue where passing through a Danger Sign twice in quick succession would cause all other PR stunts to stop working.
Fixed an issue where Drivatars could win a co-op Seasonal Championship, despite scoring fewer points.
Fixed an issue where the Speed Trap near the train bridge could be exploited.
Fixed an issue where invalid performance ranges could be displayed on event flyers.
Fixed an issue where player prestige level would not be shown in pre-race leaderboards in Online Adventure.
Improvements to stutters.
Various stability improvements.

PC Fixes
No PC specific fixes.

Xbox Fixes
No Xbox specific fixes.

Wheel Fixes
Fixed issue where Average Slip Damper was not working on wheels that required inverse FFB.
Fixed issue where center spring in FFB would remain on while in the air.
Fixed issue where spring effect would trigger when driving through water, even if set to OFF
Improved rumble and FFB feedback on wheels.
Fixed an issue with the UI for the Thrustmaster T150, where buttons were displaying incorrectly.
Fixed issue where controller mappings for a second device were not being saved.
Fixed an issue with the Thrustmaster TS WX Racer competition mod, where setting the steering Axis Deadzone Outside to below 50 made it impossible to drive the car.

Che ne pensate? Ricordiamo che Forza Horizon 4 è disponibile all’acquisto per Windows 10 e Xbox One, con supporto alla console di metà generazione Xbox One X e al programma Xbox Play Anywhere. Il titolo è anche presente all’interno del catalogo di Xbox Game Pass.