La Terra di Mezzo: L’Ombra della Guerra – ecco il trailer dell’espansione Nemesi Tribù dei Fuorilegge

Nella giornata di ieri, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment e Monolith Productions hanno pubblicato la nuova espansione a pagamento per La Terra di Mezzo: L’Ombra della Guerra, chiamata Nemesi Tribù dei Fuorilegge.

Per l’occasione, il publisher ha pubblicato un trailer per mostrare un po’ di sano gameplay action tratto dal DLC in questione. Abbiamo riportato il video esattamente in cima all’articolo.

L’estensione di gioco, che è disponibile al prezzo di 14,99 euro, offrirà ai giocatori nuove missioni, un nuovo tema per la fortezza, nuovi strumenti e altro ancora. Se siete in possesso del Season Pass allora potete scaricare il contenuto aggiuntivo gratuitamente.

Inoltre, una nuova patch gratuita è stata resa disponibile per il download in concomitanza con il DLC, la quale oltre a risolvere diversi bug dello scenario e delle animazioni introduce la nuova difficoltà Gravewalker. Qui sotto riportiamo l’intero changelog della patch.

Gravewalker Difficulty: A new, higher difficulty level even more challenging than Nemesis, including:

  • By default, the player gets no Last Chances.
  • Enemies are more perceptive and able to spot a stealthy player from farther away. They are no longer surprised when they spot a player, and remember a vanished player for longer.
  • Orcs gain more levels when they kill the player.
  • Orcs gain more levels when a Death Threat is sent.
  • Orcs gain more levels when they become Maniacs.
  • More Orc Captains are present roaming the world.
  • Nemesis Missions have shorter durations, necessitating decisions to rescue or get vengeance.
  • Worms are less frequent, have much better senses, and can defend themselves as they flee.
  • Enemies deal more damage, particularly grunts and monsters.
  • Players deal less damage to Captains.
  • Environmental hazards deal more damage to the player and slightly less to enemies. Expect some grunts to survive a barrel explosion.
  • Enemies adapt slightly more quickly to player attacks.
  • Enemies attack slightly more quickly, and are more likely to coordinate attacks.
  • Enraged Orcs are harder to disrupt.
  • Retreating enemies adapt to stealth attacks.
  • Siege Beasts take less damage from their ammo packs exploding.
  • Followers bleed out quicker.
  • Shortened duration of ‘Dazed’ state triggered by fear and weaknesses.
  • Poisoning a barrel from ranged or using distract costs Focus.
  • Slightly increased drain time for critters, grunts, and Captains.
  • Please note, Gravewalker Difficulty was previously known as Brutal Difficulty.
Outlaw Tribe Nemesis Expansion DLC (Now available)

The following content and features will be added to your game upon purchase of the Outlaw Tribe Nemesis Expansion DLC. Please note, if you currently own the Expansion Pass, this content is included with your pass.

Outlaw Tribe

  • The Outlaw Tribe Nemesis Expansion brings the rebellious and defiant Outlaw tribe to Mordor with their own unique weapons – including the new bola that can trap their enemies at range – and fighting style, added missions, fierce battles, a new fortress theme and more.

New Outlaw Tribe Missions

  • Outlaw Showdowns: New missions allowing players to face down Captains from the Outlaw tribe, with each showdown bringing unique challenges to complete.
  • Outlaw War Bands: Aid your ally and defeat your nemesis when facing off in new Outlaw War Bands quests, as Captains from the Outlaw tribe bring their own forces to clash in battle.
  • New Fortress Theme: Fortresses can now be commanded by and embody the characteristics of the contemptuous Outlaw tribe, including themed monuments, outposts and Overlord throne room.
  • Legendary Gear Set: Hunt down Legendary Outlaw tribe Orcs for a new Legendary gear set with additional upgrade challenges.
  • Purge: Captains from the Outlaw tribe prowl around Mordor in groups, launching deadly ambushes in an attempt to cleanse their land of outsiders. Defend these attacks to keep the Outlaw Orcs in check.
Additional Fixes

General Stability:

  • Fixed an issue where some dead Orcs in the Army screen do not get cleared and replaced.
  • Fixed an issue when interacting with the Best Defense Mission, where new Captains could be generated in Núrnen and inadvertently overwrite some of the Orcs in a player’s hierarchy.
  • Fixed an issue where a captured Overlord from Endless Siege could be instantly killed instead of being placed in a Rescue Mission.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the alarms in Minas Ithil could be triggered by Orcs, even after you have successfully disabled their outposts.
  • Fixed an issue where mounted Orcs could choose not to battle when in a Fight Pit.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in corrupted, bright white FX with certain explosions, flames or impacts.
  • Fixed a softlock that could occur during an Online Fit Pit loss when the only remaining follower is a prisoner.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy Slaughter tribe Orcs would not choose Siege upgrades.
  • Fixed many environment and movement issues, particularly with Slaughter tribe assets.
  • Fixed a bug where followers would sometimes disappear from the player’s hierarchy after they successfully completed a Fight Pit.
  • Fixed a bug where Slaughter and Outlaw Captains would sometimes fail to enter the player’s hierarchy after playing their tribal missions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a bright square FX to display on screen.
  • Fixed some possible softlocks that could occur when accessing an Online Fight Pit.
  • General stability improvements and crash fixes.
User Interface (UI):
  • Fixed an issue where the “Track Challenge” toggle did not function correctly on first input.
  • Fixed an issue where the Nemesis Missions tab in the Quest Log could get stuck at 97%.
  • Added Speaker Test functionality to the Sound menu in Options.
  • Tribal Invasion Missions no longer appear as main story missions on the World Map.
  • The Expansions tab in the Quest Log now correctly indicates when tribe DLC is owned but not yet unlocked in your campaign.
  • Fixed a bug where the Outlaw Tribe Nemesis Expansion would not display as owned in the Quest Log.
  • Fixed various error message bugs that could manifest when the game is not connected online.
  • Made it easier for Orcs to shed Iron Will upon being shamed. Reduced the likelihood that Iron Will would be given to Orcs in various situations.
  • Shaming an Orc no longer removes strengths if he is at least level 60.
  • Captains who are retreating (but not terrified) can now adapt to stealth attacks while in flight.
  • Nearby Orcs will now hear and react to mines that have been detonated.
  • Increased green gem life steal in weapons and increased Mirian drop from white gems in weapons based on weapon type.
  • Fixed an issue where Overlords would inappropriately gain incorrect levels when winning a friendly Online Pit Fight match.
  • Fixed a bug where victorious Overlords could still be killed by damage-over-time effects during Online Fight Pits.
  • Improved rewards for Online Fight Pit chests.
  • Added functionality identifying when a new game patch is available. When a new game patch is available, users will be prompted to update. Until the user updates to the latest patch, online functionality will not be accessible.

La Terra di Mezzo: L’Ombra della Guerra è disponibile dal 10 ottobre 2017 per le piattaforme PC Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One, con supporto alle console di metà generazione PlayStation 4 Pro e Xbox One X.

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